Nordea Asset Management enhances UK investor access to innovative solutions

Nordea Asset Management – the €229.1bn asset manager of the Nordea Group, the largest financial services group in the Nordic region – has enhanced UK investor access to a number of its innovative strategies.

The group has recently made six specialist solutions available on the Standard Life Wrap and Aviva platforms – including its popular €2.2bn Nordea 1 – Global Climate and Environment Fund.

The climate investment space has undoubtedly grown in prominence in recent times and Nordea has one of the longest track records in this area – with the Climate and Environment Fund having launched almost 12 years ago. The strategy is focused on three main investment areas in the climate and environment space – innovators within the alternative energy sector, companies aiming at resource efficiency, as well as adapters focusing on environment protection.

Nordea has also broadened UK investor access to two of its responsible investment ‘STARS’ strategies – the €2.6bn Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Equity Fund and the €784m Nordea 1 – Global Stars Equity Fund. Nordea’s STARS range embodies true ESG integration, with thorough proprietary research undertaken to identify companies displaying sustainable and responsible business models.

Further to this, UK investors have access to three strategies run by Nordea’s renowned Multi Assets Team, which is headed up by Asbjørn Trolle Hansen. Nordea has a long history of managing outcome – as opposed to benchmark – oriented investment solutions, following its ‘stable’ investment philosophy. The Nordea Multi Assets Team has been working together since 2003 and manages in excess of £80bn.

The team’s £2.7bn Nordea 1 – GBP Diversified Return Fund is a solution designed specifically with UK clients in mind, while its Nordea 1 – Alpha 10 MA Fund and Nordea 1 – Alpha 15 MA Fund offer differing risk/return profiles.

“Sustainability and responsible investment have been embedded in the business model and culture of Nordea Asset Management for many years and we are pleased to be able to boost UK investor access to some of our specialist strategies in this area,” Anders Madsen, Head of UK Institutional & Wholesale Distribution at Nordea Asset Management, says.

“In addition to this, we are enhancing UK investor access to strategies managed by our Multi Assets Team. We believe the best way to meet the challenge of consistent long-term performance and true diversification is to control risk at all times, rather than simply targeting the highest returns. By putting risk at the heart of our investment process, our Multi Assets Team has been able to consistently deliver stable and strong returns over time for our clients.”

Jenny Davidson, Head of Platform Enabled Investment Solutions at Standard Life, adds: “We are delighted Nordea has chosen to launch on the Standard Life Wrap platform. We are seeing the growth in popularity of investing in a responsible and sustainable manner and we want to make sure our platforms offer a range of funds that reflect the demands of advisers and their clients. By offering these new funds, we are increasing choice and expanding the options available.”

The story was featured in Investment Week.