Case Study: Responsible Capitalism

ESG engagement is undoubtedly beginning to enter the mainstream consciousness of institutional investors. However, the correlation between ESG engagement and portfolio investment returns remain underappreciated by many investors. KL’s brief was to utilise results from an institutional survey on ESG engagement from Hermes Investment Management to generate numerous narratives for press consumption.


  • Create narratives from an institutional survey to position Hermes at the forefront of ESG issues in the trade, consumer and national media
  • Establish Hermes spokespeople as authorities on ESG
  • Integrate Hermes’ use of case studies to participate in market debate
  • Highlight ESG as a catalyst for improved long-term portfolio returns and economic performance
  • Reference the incorporation of ESG in Hermes’ investment processes


  • Divide information into four reports on society, diversity, sustainability and stewardship under the campaign title ‘Responsible Capitalism’
  • Create and disseminate press releases, as well as arrange interviews with key Hermes spokespeople
  • Build a social media campaign around the strongest angles, quotes and statistics from the research


  • Significantly raised Hermes’ ESG profile across a number of regions
  • Gained unprecedented national coverage on a diverse range of ESG topics in the UK
  • The campaign dominated news agenda across trade and consumer press, while providing an array of feature and broadcast opportunities
  • Impactful social media engagement: spike in interaction across social media platforms, with debate spreading to high-profile investment commentators, think-tank’s and policymakers